Hey you and welcome to the first post in the It’s Never To Late Series!! I’m so excited you’re here and I want to congratulate you on taking the first step to creating your best life. If you missed it and want to get up to date on what this series is all about, check out the Introduction post. Now let’s get started…

Its Never Too Late Week 1

It’s Never To Late to Begin Again

Have you ever decided you were going to start a project only to run out of steam before you even got rolling? Did you set a New Years Resolution to exercise and eat right, but before February even hit you were already back to eating pizza on the couch in front of the TV? No need to be embarrassed because we have ALL been there. Honestly, anyone who tells you they haven’t is a liar. Even the most successful people stumble on occasion. All that matters is that you get back up and dust yourself off.

The fabulous part is that you can start over, right.this.second. Whatever happened yesterday, last month, or 10 years ago for that matter is history. Today is a brand new day and you are so lucky that you have the opportunity to begin again! We have two choices. We can either continue to let our past hold us back with it’s grubby little hands or we can embrace the present and the future with an open mind and heart.
Just Begin

Is starting over scary? Yes. Will it be hard? Possibly. Is it worth it? You best your ass it is! Excuse the language, but I’m passionate about this and I want you to be passionate too! 

As some of you may know, I’m on a journey to a healthier life. I try to eat right and exercise and I understand that life is about balance. I don’t believe that we should deprive ourselves of the things that we love. I believe in a more realistic philosophy of everything in moderation. It’s a philosophy that sets me up for success on this journey because it allows me to still enjoy the foods I love because I eat proper portion sizes and I eat certain foods sparingly. But this journey is hard and I’m human. Sometimes I slip. Sometimes I revert to my old ways and celebrate happiness or comfort disappointment with food. Sometimes I let old habits creep back in and I make bad decisions. But you know what? I don’t let it stop me because I know that the perfect time to start over is right now, in this moment.

Don’t let yourself buy into the notion that since you didn’t take the steps you needed to for whatever your goal is that it’s too late. If you didn’t eat right at breakfast, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until tomorrow to start over. You can turn things around by eating right for the rest of the day. If you promised yourself to workout that morning, but the alarm didn’t go off, you can still get in some exercise. Do a quick 10 minute workout instead or work in some squats, crunches, and lunges while you’re watching your favorite show. If you were supposed to set aside some time this weekend to focus on starting your business, but an impromptu road trip got in the way, you can still  take a few minutes to jot down some thoughts and ideas in a notepad or on your phone. The point is that you take some form of action on that missed event right now. It gets your head back in the game and on the right track to success.

Call to Action
So I want you to write down (in a journal, on your computer, on your phone) what it is you want to start over on. Then I want you to list all the barriers that might stand in your way. Next, think about how you can combat those barriers and what tools you can use to set yourself up for success.

For example:
Goal: I want to exercise every morning before work.
Barriers: Time. Energy. Accountability.
Tools: To ensure I have enough time to workout I get my workout clothes and heart rate monitor ready the night before. My blu ray is ready to go so all I have to do is turn the TV on and hit play! I go to bed early so I can get a good nights sleep and be ready to go when the alarm goes off….which is across the room.
Back Up Plan: If for some reason even with all my tools in place, I still miss an a.m. workout, I try to do something else active. I’ll go for a walk on my lunch break, take the stairs, try to get in a small workout when I get home from work. That’s key to success for me. Making a good decision right after I get off track. It makes me proud that I can bounce back and leads to success the the next day.

Yours doesn’t have to look like mine, I just wanted you to get an idea of what I was talking about. This is your game plan for success. The more detailed you are, the more successful you will be. You are taking this time to invest in yourself. What you put in, is what you will get out. I think you’re worth it and I hope you do to! And when life happens, which it will, you have your game plan to come back to.

Please share your thoughts with me on this first post in the series in the comments below. If you want to share your work in the comments, I’d love to read them! If you have any questions, I am here to help in any way. If you know anyone who could benefit from this series, please share with them.


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22 Comments on It’s Never Too Late – Week 1

  1. Before kids I used to work out first thing in the morning. I realize that isn’t realistic for me anymore, so now I am a late morning work out while the kids watch a cartoon person 🙂 Good luck on your goal! Small changes seem to stick with me.

  2. I’ve found and witnessed that the larger or loftier the goal, the more likely someone is to beat themselves up over a single hiccup and throw in the towel. That’s why I’m more in favor of gradual change over big flourishes. Regardless, you’re absolutely right about it never being too late to start over and try again. Good luck with your new series 🙂

  3. This sounds like a great series and it’s off to a terrific start! I totally agree with everything you’ve written, and would add 1) for the Barrier section, try brainstorming ways to work with/around the barriers to lessen or eliminate their effect on what you’re doing (so that when they come up, you have an awareness of how to tackle them, vs getting discouraged) and 2) always stay optimistic.. any progress is better than none, and you have to keep building upon it. 🙂 <3

    lauriel (EyeForElegance.com)

  4. You’re so right. It’s hard to start in the first place, even harder to start again. But not impossible. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own ways and just do it!

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