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Kale & Sweet Potato Quiche

Hey y’all! I wanted to share this recipe for my go-to quiche with you guys. After I shared it in my workout group EVERYONE I’m not exaggerating here, literally everyone in the group wanted this recipe. If they liked it so much, I knew y’all would to, so here I am sharing one of my all time favorite recipes. I make this quiche a lot because I always have the ingredients on hand and I’m guessing you do to!


Thai Coconut Curry Noodles

Do you like curry?

You’re shaking your head in adamant agreement right?

I knew I liked you! We can soo be friends because I like love AM OBSESSED with curry. There’s just something about those spices that beckon to me. Calling to me and wrapping me in comfort. It is irresistible. And I don’t discriminate. I like all.the.curries.

Key Lime Coconut Popsicles

OMG y’all it is hot right now in Texas. Like hell on earth, the devil is my next door neighbor hot. Don’t get me wrong it’s ALWAYS hot in Texas, but the summer is especially hellish. Here lately each summer seems to get hotter and hotter. I got these adorable popsicle molds to come up with some healthier options to combat the heat instead of traditional ice cream. Plus popsicles are fun and I love that their already individually portioned.

21 Days to a New You!

Ok guys PSA time:
Let’s talk detox teas. I’m just going to say it, it’s a lie. There is no such thing as a magical tea that’s going to detox your entire body and help you lose weight and KEEP IT OFF! Of course drinking tea for a week will help you lose water weight, but that’s a quick fix. Not a long-term, healthy option. You know what is going to help you lose weight? Exercise and eating clean. Hard work and dedication. Drinking plenty of water and cutting out sugar. Having a support system available to motivate you, answer questions, and encourage you to keep going. That’s how you get LONG-LASTING results.

Vegan Nut & Seed Bars

OMG you guys I made these nut and seed bars and they are soo good!! They are the perfect snack, well-rounded snack. These are a great pre-workout snack to give you the energy you need. Honestly, I’ve been struggling hard with late night snacking and I wanted something I could enjoy that was good for me. These satisfy my sweet and salty cravings perfectly! They are so yummy I just had to share with you guys.


6 Reasons to Eat Clean

Are you looking to lose weight? Are you already at your ideal weight, but you’re looking to get more defined? Are you looking to take control of your health? Do you suffer from diabetes, hypothyroidism, or other autoimmune disorders?  If you said yes to at least one of the questions above, then I’ve got news for you because the key to getting healthier and obtaining those goals is SIMPLE! It’s clean eating! What is clean eating exactly? Clean eating is simply the focus on making healthier choices by eating whole foods with little to no processed foods. If you’re not already eating clean, what’s stopping you? Keep reading to learn 6 reasons you need to be eating clean right now!

Bacon, Spinach, and Tomato Frittata

I hope you’re ready, because I”m about to blow your mind! I tweaked the classic BLT sandwich into a healthier, low-carb BST frittata. What in the world is a BST frittata you ask? Bacon, spinach, and tomato of course. And you know what? It’s just as good as the sandwich!! I’ll wait while you let that sink in…

4 Total Body 10 Minute Workouts

Did you make any New Years Resolutions this year? Is being more active, exercising more, or starting a fitness routine one those resolutions? If you said yes, rest assured you’re not alone. On average about 45% of Americans set resolutions and of those people, 66% of them have a resolution that has something to do with fitness. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 people will ditch their resolutions by the end of January. I don’t want you to be that person, so I’m here with some ways to help you be successful!