San Antonio is a great place to live and I’m not just saying that because I live here. I was born and raised in a small town right outside of San Antonio, named New Braunfels, TX. When I was in high school the only thing I wanted was to get out of that town where every one knew everybody. Where there were only a handful of fast food joints, no Starbucks, and no where for young kids to party. I thought about moving to Austin, but quickly decided that was TOO much city for this small town girl. Turning my mind south I settled on San Antonio. It was big without being too BIG. Fast forward 8 years and I’m still here, still loving my city. Time and Leisure recently named us FRIENDLIEST CITY!! You can read the article here and check out the other cities on the list. Fort Worth, which is about 4 hours away was ranked #7 and Houston was #2, so yay Texas! Will you excuse me while and brag a bit and share with y’all some things that make San Antonio great?

I want to start with probably the first thing people think of when they think Texas: Tex-Mex!

8 Great Reasons to Visit San Antonio - The House on Spring Ridge

1) Tex-Mex – Let’s be honest here, food is a very important part of traveling and exploring new cities, and if there’s one thing Texas knows it’s Tex-Mex, it’s tacos, and it’s margaritas!! There are a couple of places you can go to get a fantastic margarigta and eat ALL.THE.TEX-MEX. One of my favorites is Matamoros which has won our local Margarita Pour Off contest multiple times.

Matamoros Margarita - The House on Spring Ridge

Then there’s ChaCho’s which takes margaritas to the next level with their jumbo glasses and they’re open 24 hours!

Chachos Margarita - The House on Spring Ridge

2) The San Antonio Missions – There are 5 missions and San Antonio owes it’s existence to them, which is why they’re so important. The San Antonio Missions were recently added to the list of U.S. World Heritage Sites. This is important because it recognizes the fact that a location or place is important beyond it’s local audience. Other World Heritage Sites There is an onsite museum the exhibits artifacts that were found in and around the missions. There is the Park Stone which is a great source of educational materials to help you better understand the Spanish colonial period. There is also a screening of Gente de Razon  which is an award winning film that tells the story of the 18th-century natives of south Texas.

3) Alamo – The Alamo is home to the famous 1836 battle that helped Texas gain it’s independence. The Alamo is free to enter and look around, but you can also experience a variety of tours from a $7 self-guided audio tour to a $15 battlefield tour.

4) River Walk – The River Walk is the #1 tourist attraction in TEXAS! It is host to a multitude of shops and restaurants, as well as different events like the Labor Day Artisan River Walk Show where you can find a variety of handmade items. If you want to stay downtown or near the River Walk, let me recommend the Inn on the Riverwalk. It is a great place to stay if you want to be right on the River Walk, but want more of a modern B&B feel.

5) Historic Pearl – The Pearl is a neighborhood with a rich history. The Pearl Brewery was founded in 1881 and the entire area has been brought back to life after renovations and apartments were done. There are restaurants, shopping, farmers market, movies, and more. In the summer they feature a Summer Dance Hall Music Series which is free ever Wednesday through July and August.

6) San Antonio Botanical Gardens – Open year round from 9-5, the San Antonio Botanical Gardens is a 38 acre garden that showcases a multitude of local, Texas flowers, as well as tropical selections. Enjoy the Texas Native Trail or take a seat on a bench near the bird watch structure and keep an eye out for your favorite feathered friends.

San Antonio Botanical Garden - The House on Spring Ridge

7) Blue Star Arts Complex – The complex features a variety of art venues, shops, studios, even food and drink. It also boasts the title of San Antonio’s longest-running contemporary art space. Blue Star Arts Complex has been open since 1986.


8) Tower of the Americas – Tower of the Americas is located downtown and offers an exceptional view of beautiful San Antonio. The 750-foot-tall tower is also home to revolving Chart House Restaurant, where you can enjoy fine dining with your spectacular view. Don’t want to dine? No problem, you can enjoy the view from the Observation Deck or enjoy the thrilling 4D Theater Ride!


Are these the only reasons to visit San Antonio? Absolutely not! San Antonio is a lively city full of things to see and do. These are just some of my favorites! Are you planning a vacation any time soon? Would you consider a trip to San Antonio? Let me know in the comments below! As always, don’t forget to share!


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