Did you make any New Years Resolutions this year? Is being more active, exercising more, or starting a fitness routine one those resolutions? If you said yes, rest assured you’re not alone. On average about 45% of Americans set resolutions and of those people, 66% of them have a resolution that has something to do with fitness. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 people will ditch their resolutions by the end of January. I don’t want you to be that person, so I’m here with some ways to help you be successful!

So what’s the number 1 reason why people say they can’t exercise? TIME! And honestly, that’s a valid excuse. Work, kids, meetings, appointments, errands, and a million other reasons are why we say we don’t have time to workout. But if you want to continue to take care of your kids, be good at your job, and have the energy to run your never ending list of errands you need to put YOU first! You matter and your health matters. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of anyone else? Everyone, yes EVERYONE has 10 minutes to devote to being active and getting in a mini workout.

Take Care of Yourself

I’m sure you’re thinking 10 minutes of exercise isn’t enough time to make a difference, but you’re wrong. In 10 minutes you can strengthen your immune system and your heart, promote healthy blood flow, and clean out your system by pushing out toxins through your lungs and lymphnodes. You can also burn extra calories and elevate your mood,but most importantly a quick, 10 minute workout can lead to healthier choices throughout the day. And that is my favorite benefit of the quick workout. When I exercise, I tend to make better food choices and drink more water throughout the day, plus my mentality is more positive. And let me tell you those are great side effects.

Be Positive

So what can you really do in 10 minutes? You can get a TOTAL body workout, that’s what! Here are four of my favorite 10 minute, total body workouts. Worried about equipment? Don’t be. The most you need is a pillow and and some light dumbbells. Don’t have dumbbells? No problem! Use canned goods or old gallon or half-gallon milk jugs filled with water.

10 Minute Intense Full Body Workout
10 Minute Total Body Workout
10 Minute Full Body Workout for Small Spaces
10 Minute Total Body Workout – Get Fit FAST

So I’m dying to know, are you a fan of the 10 minute workout? Let me know in the comments below. If you found this article useful, please share it using any of the buttons below.

*I got my New Years resolutions stats here and my 10 minute exercise benefits here.


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