Month: December 2015

Tomato Tart

I know it’s not summer. It’s winter. We’re in the dead of winter. But I’m in Texas so it’s been nearly 80 degrees some days. If you’re somewhere cold, windy, and/or rainy…you have my deepest condolences. I actually love winter and cold weather. I love knee high boots and scarves. But when you live in Texas you know those days are usually few and far between. So what do I do when it’s 76 degrees in December? I make tomato tarts. And you should too! Right now! Ok, read this post first, then go make the tart. Ok read this post, share it, and then go make this tart!


Vegan Veggie Chowder

I’m on a journey to get healthier, eat more whole foods, and live a better life. But I LOVE food, good tasting- make you wanna dance-but not good for you food. So while I want to eat better, I’m not willing to sacrifice any flavor or go hungry! For me, winter is all about stick to your ribs comfort food and this chowder delivers without sticking to your my hips!



Hello there and welcome to the House on Spring Ridge. HSR is a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping you live your best life! Why HSR? Because for me, that’s where it all started. It was at the house on Spring Ridge that I decided to no longer be a passive participant in my life. I wasn’t going to sit by and idly allow life to happen to me. I was going to do everything in my power to make my dreams come true. And I wanted to document every step of this journey.